Monday, May 20, 2013

After School Sillies

We don't have a lot of out-door toys at our house, so usually after school I give the kids a snack, and then Buppa takes them home so they can play on their bikes and other riding toys at their house.  Their street is quieter and it is safer for them to ride over there than at our house.

Some afternoons however, they get into things in the garage at our house, and play games with what they find there.  In this picture it is a little step stool. 
I wonder what they are playing.  Perhaps Danica is the captain of a ship and JJ is a passenger.

Next the stool is put beside the car, and another game begins.
Then it is time to march around balancing on the stones outlining the gardens...

....closely check out what is going on in the bird bath...
and then head for home.   Never a dull moment with these two around.

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