Thursday, May 09, 2013

This hat is too big

Buppa decided to BBQ hot dogs for lunch the other day, and JJ wanted to help.It was a hot sunny day, and I didn't have a hat or sunscreen for JJ, so I made him wear one of Buppa's hats. 
I thought he looked cuter than cute in Buppa's hat...
...but JJ didn't like it. 
It kept slipping around and bothering him, and he wanted to take it off, but he also wanted to stay out and play.
He doesn't look at all pleased.

He played for a while...
...but soon gave up, closed the gate, and came inside.

I still think he looked cuter than cute in it, but I think that hat is history, and he won't be wearing it again.  Sigh!

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