Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gardening with Buppa

What a treat to be gifted with some warm sunny weather this week.  It was so nice, that Buppa and JJ gathered up their garden tools, and set off to scatter some grass seed in the back yard.

Because we live in a row of townhouses, we have to access the back yard from an easement along the back fence if we don't want to carry gardening tools through the house. 
The boys set off to do their work..
...with rakes and shovels and a bag of grass seed, they whistle while they work
First of all JJ has to shovel fresh soil around the base of the tree.
Then Buppa levels the area with the rake.
Then they each take a handfull of grass seed...

And they sprinkle it around the base of the tree.
After a thorough watering of the new seed... is time to spread some more soil around while Amma keeps a close eye on things.

Look at this neat bathtub full of stones Amma.  Can I play in it? 
He then asked for some water to wash the stones in, so we filled up the watering can for him, and he walked back and forth washing a kazillion stones, one at a time. 

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