Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mothers Day Tea at Danica's School

Mommy couldn't get time off work to go to the Mothers Day Tea at Danica's school, so Amma went in her place.  I was thrilled to go, but it was a rather raucous afternoon spent with over-the-hill excited kindergarten children.  I was asked beforehand what I would like to drink lemonade or iced tea.  I voted for iced tea, and I pictured sitting at little tables enjoying a cup of tea and a cookie while a little entertainment was provided.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  It was a chance to see a kindergarten class in action, and participate in a craft with them.  That would have been fun...if...we hadn't had to squeeze into pint sized chairs, around pint sized tables, and deal with glitter glue being spread around by over-enthusiastic children.  What a sticky...glittery...gooey mess I was at the end of that project.

It was a fun and memorable afternoon though, and I was glad I got to stand in for Mommy on such a special day.  
Above and below is Danica with one of her best buddies.  They are a rascally pair at times. 

Little brothers and sister were invited to the party too, and Danica spent a lot of time playing with the babies while Amma sat and watched the antics.
Paper flowers were made for the mother's hair, so I wore mine with pride, but gave it to Mommy at the end of the day.
Dani with another good friend.  Look at the difference in height. 

Working diligently on our craft...a paper butterfly kite.
The finished product shown to another friend.
The three best buddies.
Danica spent most of her time playing with the little brothers and sisters at the party
At the end of the day it was time to go outside and fly the kites.  Danica preferred to play on the equipment though. 

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