Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anniversary weekend

Yikes, this past weekend we celebrated our 44th Wedding Anniversary.  Hardly seems possible, when I am only 18!  Well, feel 18 inside anyway.

We like to go out for dinner on occasion,  but our favorite thing to do is pack a picnic lunch, load it, the lawn chairs and ourselves into the car, and set off on an adventure to find a road we have never been down before.  What fun to travel down it to discover what awaits at the end of it.

On Saturday the weatherman promised a warm sunny day, so we packed up the car and set off on our adventure.  We found Narrows Lock Road, and discovered a gem at the end of the road.  

We parked the car, set up our lawn chairs and enjoy a marvelous view of Rideau Lake and the song of the Loon.  The sunshine was warm, but there was still a cool breeze coming off the lake, so I wrapped up tight in my shawl, and soaked in the afternoon.

What a glorious way to spend  an afternoon.
AC set up the camera on a tripod so we could  both get in the picture.  Neat huh?
AC wandered off to take pictures from time to time, but I stayed put at the waters edge.
As the afternoon wore on, we moved over to the other side of the lock, and set up our picnic supper on the dock.

Very sunny and a lot warmer on this side of the lock.
It was the perfect spot for our picnic supper though.
And a perfect spot for AC to set up his camera...
Then sit and wait for the perfect picture of the sunset.
It was a beautiful one indeed.

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