Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dragon Flies in my kitchen

We met Lorna for lunch last week and she surprised me with a gift of these beautiful Dragon flies.  I just love surprises, don't you?
I thought I would hang them in the porch, but no, that wasn't the right spot for them.  I carried them around the house trying them here and there, and finally settled on the wall just inside the kitchen window.  Then the hunt was on for the proper nails/screws/hooks on which to hang them.  We tried Lowes and Home Depot but they didn't have anything that would do.  I ventured in to Home Hardware today, and the man there said I needed screws and sold me four of the proper size.  I still had my doubts, so poked around the store a bit more, and found just the ticket in a removable little plastic hook that didn't require any huge holes in the wall. 
They seem right at home here just inside the window don't they? 

This is the view of them from the front door.
Thanks Lorna I love them.

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