Sunday, August 24, 2014

The last of the holiday pics

Here are the odds and ends of the holiday pics with the kids
The kids like to get as close to the water as possible, and Buppa is right there beside or behind them with his camera at the ready.

Buppa's camera is a bit heavy for the kids to handle, but sometimes they want to take a picture too, so for this picture they used my iPod.    Dani took this picture
JJ took this picture.

The guys on the trek back to the car.

After most adventures, some time is spent relaxing at home.  
The kids did get to pick one treat every day of the holiday, so one day it was a trip to Tim's on the way to the park,  another day it was ice cream at DQ.  On this particular day it was a visit to the $$Store.  We didn't buy one of these sneeze factories, but we did stop to pose with them.  Achoo!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

More fun activities with the kids during the last week of summer

We finished our last week of babysitting for the summer, yesterday, and I am now in recovery mode.  Lots of lazy mornings and quiet cups of coffee at the park are on the agenda next week.  We did have fun last week though, and I have a few pictures lined up to post for the next few days. 

On Wednesday we went to the park near our house, and neglected to take water along with us.  After playing on the equipment, hunting frogs, then setting out on a rather long walk along the river, we got half way to our destination and the kids were just about fainting with thirst!  That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but they were complaining more than a tad. 

We decided to turn around and go home for a drink, and continue our walk the next morning before the forecast rain started.  So, right after breakfast the next day, they each packed a backpack with water and snacks, and we set off on our adventure.
JJ's backpack is almost bigger than he is, but he carried his provisions without complaining,  and set off on many side paths along the route.
Danica soon followed her brother along the path to see what they could see at the end of it.
It was more than worth the winding trip down to the water's edge.
We took lots of pictures, and soon made tracks for the main path again.
Once again on the main path to continue on our adventure.
Many more side paths called the kids down to the water's edge, and Buppa joined them while I hung back a bit to take some pics.
Half way to our destination, we found this little bench in a clearing, so the kids stopped for a rest and a drink.
We finally arrived at a picnic area near a bridge that the kids wanted to walk under and listen to the cars passing overhead.
The kids love throwing rocks into the water, and this area had plenty of small rocks for them to throw to their hearts content.
I heard a noise along the walking path next to the picnic table, and looked around and saw this.

Five dogs on leads, and one riding in a stroller came to greet us. 

People and dogs were very friendly, and we soon shared greetings all around.

Odie soon joined the kids down by the water's edge, and he had fun trying to catch the pebbles the kids were throwing into  the water.  Kids and dog has a blast.

They never tired of throwing rocks for him, and he never tired of chasing them down.  Shrieks of laughter filled the air while the adults visited up on the bank. 
That afternoon the rains came, and didn't stop for the rest of the week, so we finished off the adventure part of the week on a high.  The rest of the week was filled with videos, card games, and quiet at home type stuff.  I'll see if I can hunt up a picture or two of that to share with you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Busy week with the kids

Yes, this has been a busy week of babysitting, but the summer is fast drawing to a close, and this was our last week with the kids, so we tried to fill the days with fun events. 
Sunny afternoons were spent at the park, and JJ was getting to be an expert on climbing trees.

Cool mornings were spent on the deck knitting.  Yes, JJ, was quite excited to learn how to knit on this handy dandy loom. 
We squeezed in a visit to the local ice cream store, and it was nice enough to sit outside to enjoy our cool treat.  JJ sat at the picnic table with us for most of the time, but Danica stood over by the window.  I didn't know why she was doing that until we got into the car to leave.  There was another family there with two little girls, and I think Danica was trying to make friends with them.  When we drove away she said it made her sad when she saw little girls she would never see again, and she didn't have a chance to say hello and learn their names.  She is a dear, dear, child.
We took many walks along the river, and went exploring for frogs and other exciting things in the water.
At the end of the day, it was time to retreat into the air conditioned comfort of the house, and spend some time with the knitting looms. 
JJ is making a pillow cover
Danica is not quite sure what her creation will be.  Perhaps a friendship cuff, or an arm warmer, or maybe a leg warmer.  Time will tell!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

JJ's Sleepover

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, so we thought we had better squeeze in a sleepover for both kids before schools starts.  Danica had hers earlier this week, but sadly I didn't get any pics  I don't know what happened.

JJ came for his sleepover last night, and it was busy but fun.  When he first arrived, he dug into Auntie Ally's old bag of constructs,and created all sorts of miraculous machines.  Ice extractors, lava blasters, water thrusters, fire throwers....all to fight the "bad guys" with.   Little did we know that we had "bad guys" lurking in many corners around our house, and they needed to be dealt with.  JJ was on the job, and rid our house of all of them.  Way to go JJ! 
Here he is with one of his inventions.  I think this was the ice extractor
When all his work was done, and he needed to rest up after fighting all those bad guys we settled in to watch a DVD.  Robin Hood was on the agenda that night. 
After the DVD, it was time for a story with Buppa before bedtime.  Notice the three dragons that had to stand guard while JJ had his story.
Sweet memories of stories with Buppa in the old rocking chair.
Then it was off to bed.  The dragons were placed to keep watch while JJ slept.  His old stuffie "Woody" got the snuggle treatment though.  Dragons are NOT to be snuggled with.   His Sesame Street pillow case was Auntie Ally's, and he always chooses that one when he comes for a sleepover.  Memories fill the room when I take it out of the closet and put it to use again. 
Thanks for a fun visit JJ....come again soon.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wheelers Fun

 After the Dragon Tea at the Mill on Saturday, ventured out to Wheelers for brunch on Sunday.   Yum!
Danica thought Buppa should get in the picture too, so she took this one with my iPod.

After brunch, we found these rocking chairs on the porch at Wheeler's and settled in for a rock and a gab while the kids played on the equipment.  Amma and Buppa took the Mamma and Papa Bear chairs while Andrea had to squeeze into the Baby Bear chair  She managed it just fine too.

Frances fell in the play area so she joined us on the porch for some medical attention for scraped knees.

She soon recovered and was all smiles for this picture with Mom.
What a fun visit.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dragon Tea Society Meeting at the Mill of Kintail

We had a fun and fabulous weekend with company from Dundas.  We started off the fun weekend with a Dragon Tea Society meeting at the Mill of Kintail.  I am sure AC will have lots more pictures to share, but I captured a few on my handy dandy iPod.
Cousins all set for the Dragon Tea Society's first Ottawa Valley Chapter meeting.  Frances is the Dragon Mistress, and Danica is the Deputy Dragon Mistress.
Little brother JJ enjoyed the festivities too.
The tables and chairs were set up in a shady spot on the  lawn, and the Dragon Mistress set to work organizing the seating arrangements.
The Dragon Mistresses Mommy (AKA Andrea) sat in the shade keeping a close eye on things, with her camera at the ready.

I don't know what the Deputy Dragon Mistress was doing in the picture, but she was checking something out.

 I think the Deputy is taking a picture of the Mistress here.
Time to check out the pictures.
Attendees posing with their Dragons.
The Mistress and her Deputy made last minute adjustments to the seating arrangement while the rest of us visited
We were all seated, and tea was served.  What total fun.
After the Tea Party the Mistress and her Deputy posed with all the dragons.
The Mistress overseeing her realm. 
We are now looking forward to the Ajax chapter meeting.  Are you listening Auntie Heather?