Sunday, August 17, 2014

JJ's Sleepover

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, so we thought we had better squeeze in a sleepover for both kids before schools starts.  Danica had hers earlier this week, but sadly I didn't get any pics  I don't know what happened.

JJ came for his sleepover last night, and it was busy but fun.  When he first arrived, he dug into Auntie Ally's old bag of constructs,and created all sorts of miraculous machines.  Ice extractors, lava blasters, water thrusters, fire throwers....all to fight the "bad guys" with.   Little did we know that we had "bad guys" lurking in many corners around our house, and they needed to be dealt with.  JJ was on the job, and rid our house of all of them.  Way to go JJ! 
Here he is with one of his inventions.  I think this was the ice extractor
When all his work was done, and he needed to rest up after fighting all those bad guys we settled in to watch a DVD.  Robin Hood was on the agenda that night. 
After the DVD, it was time for a story with Buppa before bedtime.  Notice the three dragons that had to stand guard while JJ had his story.
Sweet memories of stories with Buppa in the old rocking chair.
Then it was off to bed.  The dragons were placed to keep watch while JJ slept.  His old stuffie "Woody" got the snuggle treatment though.  Dragons are NOT to be snuggled with.   His Sesame Street pillow case was Auntie Ally's, and he always chooses that one when he comes for a sleepover.  Memories fill the room when I take it out of the closet and put it to use again. 
Thanks for a fun visit JJ....come again soon.


Regenia said...

Aren't you just so glad he got rid of the bad guys before they settled in and were there all winter?

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few reasons why sleepover with Danica might not have resulted in any pictures. ;)

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Yes, he did us a great service. But little did we know that he comes across town many a night to protect us from bad guys while we sleep. He runs across roof-tops and protects our house before he goes to the Justice Headquarters to talk to other super heroes who gather there at night.
You gotta love how this little guy takes care of us!

Andrea - Yes, she does keep us busy, but I usually remember to take a picture or two. I must have been too sleepy after our busy weekend.
We watched Anne of Green Gables, (a first for her), and she loved it. I love AofGG too. Ally and I used to have AofGG fests, and we would watch the whole series in one day. The room flooded with memories when I watched it with Danica. Sweet indeed.