Thursday, August 21, 2014

Busy week with the kids

Yes, this has been a busy week of babysitting, but the summer is fast drawing to a close, and this was our last week with the kids, so we tried to fill the days with fun events. 
Sunny afternoons were spent at the park, and JJ was getting to be an expert on climbing trees.

Cool mornings were spent on the deck knitting.  Yes, JJ, was quite excited to learn how to knit on this handy dandy loom. 
We squeezed in a visit to the local ice cream store, and it was nice enough to sit outside to enjoy our cool treat.  JJ sat at the picnic table with us for most of the time, but Danica stood over by the window.  I didn't know why she was doing that until we got into the car to leave.  There was another family there with two little girls, and I think Danica was trying to make friends with them.  When we drove away she said it made her sad when she saw little girls she would never see again, and she didn't have a chance to say hello and learn their names.  She is a dear, dear, child.
We took many walks along the river, and went exploring for frogs and other exciting things in the water.
At the end of the day, it was time to retreat into the air conditioned comfort of the house, and spend some time with the knitting looms. 
JJ is making a pillow cover
Danica is not quite sure what her creation will be.  Perhaps a friendship cuff, or an arm warmer, or maybe a leg warmer.  Time will tell!

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Regenia said...

Such a sweet thought Danica had about the other kids! Jj looked quite happy to be upside down.