Sunday, August 24, 2014

The last of the holiday pics

Here are the odds and ends of the holiday pics with the kids
The kids like to get as close to the water as possible, and Buppa is right there beside or behind them with his camera at the ready.

Buppa's camera is a bit heavy for the kids to handle, but sometimes they want to take a picture too, so for this picture they used my iPod.    Dani took this picture
JJ took this picture.

The guys on the trek back to the car.

After most adventures, some time is spent relaxing at home.  
The kids did get to pick one treat every day of the holiday, so one day it was a trip to Tim's on the way to the park,  another day it was ice cream at DQ.  On this particular day it was a visit to the $$Store.  We didn't buy one of these sneeze factories, but we did stop to pose with them.  Achoo!

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Regenia said...

Great family pictures, Everyone looks equally good!