Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Back to school - day two

School started yesterday, but it wasn't a typical morning for us so I didn't have my camera out, but AC did and his pics are here.  I had my camera at the ready this morning and took pics of a typical morning. 

We all gather in the front porch and do our own thing while we await the arrival of the bus.  JJ got into the Lego this morning, and happily built a Super Hero house.
Danica wanted to be out and about however, and she went for a walk with my cane and an old lampshade she found in the garage.
Buppa joined her for the walk, and went over to the mailboxes to check for mail.  They made for such a cute couple, I ran for my camera.
Danica then came back into the porch, and took a selfie to send to Mommy.
Danica took this one of JJ so she could send it to Mommy too.
JJ decided that he didn't like it as a hat, but it made an excellent force field protector for his Super Hero House.
It could also be used as a weapon to shoot light forces at the bad guys.
Soon it was time to get his shoes on and head out to the bus stop. 
So, that is a typical morning at our house three days a week.  Let the fun continue for another school year.

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Regenia said...

Looks like a fun way to start a day! SO glad JJ continues to protect you from the bad guys!