Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Birthday party - Part II

Before and after dinner we played lots of games
Buppa explaining this fascinating new game of Jacks to the kids.  Yes, everything old is new again.
Getting the hang of it.
Concentrating on the perfect throw
JJ and Buppa working together on a new strategy.  Buppa throws the ball up and JJ tries to scoop up the whole row of Jacks
JJ tries his hand at Cat's Cradle
Danica perfects the Witch's broom while we wait for dinner to be served
The entrance of the cake and the singing of Happy Birthday To You  Dani is growing up, so she is now able to carry the cake.  JJ helped by carrying the cake plates for now.  In a couple of years, he will graduate to the "cake carrier" position.  
Helping mommy blow out the candles.  This is always a highlight for the kids, and is usually followed by a finger tip swiped across the icing.  Rascals all!
So, that's the way out week began.  Fun and games at the party to be followed by three days of babysitting now that the kids are out of school for the holidays, but parents are still at work.  I had better tighten up my running shoes and eat my Wheaties so I can keep up with them.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Busy week before Christmas started with a BD party

The Sunday  before Christmas was Shauna's BD, so we planned a small outing with her and the kids, then went back to our house for a party.
We met at a local nursery and walked through the big greenhouses filled with Christmas trees.  The kids had fun running up and down the aisles checking out all the trees, while Shauna and I enjoyed drinking in the most marvelous fragrance. 
One of the greenhouses was heated, and filled with the most beautiful displays of Christmas ornaments.  This is where we bought our Christmas tree the first year we moved to the area.
Don't think you can see them in this picture, but both kids picked out sparkly magic wands, and then wandered around sprinkling sparkle dust over one and all.  

The weather wasn't nice enough to go for a walk in the woods, or visit a park, so after our visit to the Christmas store at the nursery we headed back to our house to open gifts, play some games and have a BD dinner.  We helped the kids make little story books for Shauna, and here we see that Danica is very pleased when Shauna reads the story she wrote for her.
JJ enjoys a snack while Shauna reads his story book.

Two peas in a pod!  Dani thinks the card Buppa made for Mommy is pretty neat.
While we waited for dinner to be ready, Shauna helped Danica learn the Cat's Cradle game
Then she worked on a puzzle with JJ
I'll post more party fun and games later this week.  Stay tuned....

Friday, December 18, 2015

Busy Bees

School is out for the Christmas holidays, so we will be busy babysitting next week before the Christmas fun really begins.  I don't imagine I'll be posting for the next couple of weeks, so I'll say Merry Christmas now, and see you all in the new year.

JJ busy making a birthday card for Mommy
Danica helping unload the dishwasher.    I wonder how long that chore will be fun and taken on with enthusiasm?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Party

Last night was the Christmas Party at Mommy's work, so after we got the kids off the school bus and gave them a snack, it was time to get them dressed and ready for the party.
Pretty as a princess
Thoughtful pose
JJ looking very handsome
Cute pair

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sleepover Fun - December 2015

JJ was here for a sleepover this weekend, so that meant lots of one-on-one time with Buppa.  After a trip to three different stores to pick out his sleepover treats, we headed back home with our haul.  While I made dinner, JJ and Buppa went to work on a jigsaw puzzle.
Buppa helped, but JJ did a lot of the puzzle himself. 

After dinner it was time for a game of Connect Four.  Buppa looked on while JJ set up the game

Hmmmmm, lots of thought required

I think JJ won.  Time to clean up before getting out the snacks, and starting the movie

After the movie it was story-time with Buppa.   We noticed a major change during this story time...JJ was able to read one of the books to Buppa.  How neat. 
The next morning he was allowed some computer time, but we soon turned it off and moved into the rest of our day with other activities.
Every time we go to the store to get a "sleepover treat", JJ picks out a gun or a sword to play with.  This time we steered him away from those items, and he came home with a Slinky and a Recorder.   During the movie, the Slinky got terribly tangled up, and JJ was quite upset about that.  We promised to take him to the store in the morning to get another Slinky, and he calmed down before bed.  The next morning while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, he and Buppa went to the store to get another Slinky.  Not only did he come with another Slinky, but he also got a toy gun.  Above you see him doing some target shooting in the hall.
What a rascal.
Buppa got into the act too.  What a pair!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Lights

We were at one of my favorite stores - The Country Depot - the other day and I found the perfect new Christmas decorationThis store is very unique in that it is very hard to describe.  When you drive up to it, there are gas pumps out front, and farm equipment on display in the parking lot.  When you walk inside, you are greeted with all sorts of farm supplies, animal feed, outdoor clothes, work boots, and hardware type stuff.  In the summer time, every other Wednesday and Saturday, we are treated to boxes of  baby chickens and ducks ready for the farmers to pick up.  The kids love to visit on those days, as they get to hold a baby chick.

If you walk a little further into the store you discover a wonderful gift shop filled with scarves, purses, jewellery, sweaters, home decor and all sorts of other wonderful items.  It has turned into my first place to look for unique gifts.

Just past the gift shop is a Christmas room in the winter, and a garden shop in the summer.  Behind this area are green houses filled to the brim with fabulous hanging baskets, bedding plants, shrubs and other garden needs in spring and summer.  This store is a one stop shopping spot for me in any season.

This year I thought it was time to add a new Christmas decoration or two to our humble abode, but being limited for space, I knew it had to be something small but colourful.  I found just the ticket at The Country Depot...a light bulb.  Yes, a tiny light bulb, but a mighty one!  Actually, I bought two.
I put one in the fixture in the porch...pretty huh?  Not only is it colourful, but it spins and throws the coloured lights all around the area. 
I put one in the dining room light fixture, and it adds colour and fun to the kitchen too.

Lots of colour swirls and dances all around as the light spins in the socket.
Oh so pretty
Makes me feel like dancing.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Decorating the Tree - Part II - 2015

All done, and the tree is another masterpiece.  
All done, and looking good.
I like the way the lights reflect off the TV screen.  That corner is the perfect spot for it. 
While dinner cooks in the oven, we enjoy a game of cards the Aunties left for the kids.
After the game Dani retreats to a quite spot to read a book.  Doesn't look too comfy to me, but she was happy there.
JJ found a more cushiony spot and snuggled down with a book too.
I gave myself a festive manicure for the occasion, and took this picture to show Sare.  I have a Jamberry wrap on the accent nail, and just added a bit of red to my french manicure on the other nails. 
After dinner,  and it is finally dark enough to take a picture of just the lighted tree.
How cozy and comfy the kids look enjoying their first evening in front of the tree. 

Monday, December 07, 2015

Decorating the Tree - Part I - 2015

The excitement was running high when we got to the kid's place for the Tree Decorating Party.
Do they look even a little bit excited?

Snacks were on hand to give us lots of fuel for energy to complete the task ahead.  JJ enjoyed his cheesies...
...but Dani opted for chips.
Each ornament was inspected closely while Mommy explained its history.  The kids wanted to know where it came from, who gave it to them, when they got it.
The first task was getting the garland on the tree.  Dani is getting tall enough to help with that task now.
Lights and garland are in place, so now it is time to add a few candy canes.
Next comes the assorted ornaments.  As you can see, there are lots to choose from
JJ is trying to find the perfect spot for the silver ball.
Dani is adding her dazzling smile to the festivities
Almost done.  Now we have to wait for evening to see how it looks when all the other lights in the room are turned off.  While we wait, we will play a few games, have dinner, then sit and relax while we "gaze on the tree".  Stay tuned for Part II