Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Decorating the Tree - Part II - 2015

All done, and the tree is another masterpiece.  
All done, and looking good.
I like the way the lights reflect off the TV screen.  That corner is the perfect spot for it. 
While dinner cooks in the oven, we enjoy a game of cards the Aunties left for the kids.
After the game Dani retreats to a quite spot to read a book.  Doesn't look too comfy to me, but she was happy there.
JJ found a more cushiony spot and snuggled down with a book too.
I gave myself a festive manicure for the occasion, and took this picture to show Sare.  I have a Jamberry wrap on the accent nail, and just added a bit of red to my french manicure on the other nails. 
After dinner,  and it is finally dark enough to take a picture of just the lighted tree.
How cozy and comfy the kids look enjoying their first evening in front of the tree. 

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Regenia said...

Sue, I am way, way behind. But I'm going to enjoy getting caught up. Does this mean you do your own nails?