Monday, December 07, 2015

Decorating the Tree - Part I - 2015

The excitement was running high when we got to the kid's place for the Tree Decorating Party.
Do they look even a little bit excited?

Snacks were on hand to give us lots of fuel for energy to complete the task ahead.  JJ enjoyed his cheesies...
...but Dani opted for chips.
Each ornament was inspected closely while Mommy explained its history.  The kids wanted to know where it came from, who gave it to them, when they got it.
The first task was getting the garland on the tree.  Dani is getting tall enough to help with that task now.
Lights and garland are in place, so now it is time to add a few candy canes.
Next comes the assorted ornaments.  As you can see, there are lots to choose from
JJ is trying to find the perfect spot for the silver ball.
Dani is adding her dazzling smile to the festivities
Almost done.  Now we have to wait for evening to see how it looks when all the other lights in the room are turned off.  While we wait, we will play a few games, have dinner, then sit and relax while we "gaze on the tree".  Stay tuned for Part II

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