Thursday, February 05, 2015

JJ's BD afghan

Last fall I decided that my winter project would be to crochet an afghan for each of the kid's beds.  Dani couldn't decide on what colour she would like, and JJ's BD was the first one of the new year, so I decided to start his first.   I am not the speediest crocheter, and neck and back problems slowed me down even more, but on snowy winter afternoons, I am in my chair working with hook and wool.   Slowly but surely I am getting there.
Earlier this winter we took a picture of JJ with the project 1/3 done.   I want him to be able to use it to keep his toes and nose warm when he is a tall lanky teenager, so I will almost triple the length seen here.
It was only half done by his birthday this week, but he liked feeling all snug and warm wrapped up in it for a picture with Amma before he set off for school this morning.

Dani had a snuggle too.   I am thinking I will do hers in shades of purple, pink and mauve.  I'll post a picture when it is done, but don't hold your breath!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Freezing but fun!

Friday was a PD at the kid's school, so we were on duty for childcare.  They went to a party at their sitter's house in the morning, but the afternoon was up to us.  It was a bitter cold day, but we thought we would try some outdoor activity anyway, so we bundled up nice and warm and set off for the tobogganing hill.  
Here we are trekking over to the hill.  As is very typical, Danica is way out in front, and JJ is playing catch-up.  We had two toboggans, and two flying saucers.
The kids were a bit nervous on their first ride down the hill, so Buppa took them on the toboggan.
After that first ride though, they hopped on their flying saucers, and didn't need Buppa's help any more.   They flew down the hill with the greatest of ease, squealing with delight all the way down the hill.
The first couple of slides down the hill they held on tightly to the saucer, but after that they raised their hands in the air to make the ride more exciting.  The look on JJ's face says it all.  TOTAL FUN!
What joy!
Looks like JJ is reaching for something here...
Well he is!  He and Danica tried to High-five each other as they passed on the hill.
It was a very slippery walk up the hill, but they didn't complain a bit, and merrily climbed again and again and again.  Their little faces were bright red with cold and excitement, but they didn't want to leave when Buppa and I were turning into icy statues waiting for them at the bottom of the hill.
One last ride down the hill...
... it was time to pick up our saucers and go home.
We did stop for hot chocolate at Tim's, and that warmed us up nicely.  I am already looking forward to our next visit to the hill for some winter fun.