Friday, June 06, 2008

Getting Into It

Smudge caught Daddy's cold, so she wasn't feeling her usual cheery self yesterday. Whiney Winnie was on the prowl and made her presence felt in a big way in the morning. Thank goodness the weather warmed up enough in the afternoon to give Smudge some water play out on the deck. Even if it didn't chase the cold germs away, it chased Whiney Winnie out of the house and we didn't see her for dust. Yahoo!

We found this old bathtub in the basement and thought it would make a better water container than the mixing bowl we used last week. The mixing bowl was emptied in about two minutes and we made many trips back and forth into the house for refills. Yes, the bathtub would be much better. Or so we thought.

Smudge is wet from head to toe in this picture and is taking a moment to ponder the situation. Can you almost read her mind?

Up on her feet, and taking another minute to gather her strength for her next move. Can you guess what it is now?

Yep, you got it. Why not jump right in . Life is much more fun when you forget about hairdos and don't worry about the possible mess you could create. Just jump in and enjoy.

We needed many refills of the bathtub too. Smudge was at one end of the deck and we were at the other, and we still couldn't read our books or take many pictures. She had water EVERYWHERE! Splish, splash, spurgle, gurgle, drip! Total fun!

Smudge Lesson for the Week - Don't just dabble in life. Jump right in and get totally involved. So what if you ruin your hair or make a mess. Jump in, jump in, jump in!!!!! Now, now, now, now, now!


Jules said...

Water is so much fun! If your weather is anything like ours today, Smudge will want to play in the water again to cool down.

ChrisB said...

This reminded me that I used a baby bath for water play for my girls some 36 years ago~ as they grew older I put it on the stand so they could reach into it. Either way they always got wet but had such fun, just like Smudge.

Cuppa said...

Chrisb - I used to baby sit two children who lived next door to us in Sarnia. I think they were 4 and 7 the first time I had to entertain them for an afternoon. I gave them each a pail of water and an old paint brush and told them to paint the fence, then the shed, then the back deck, then the swing. They loved it.

They had to keep refilling their pails with the hose, and they quite enjoyed that too. They each had a little step stool to help them reach the high spots and they "painted" every flat surface in the backyard. By the time they were finished, their starting point was dry and they could start all over again.

I plan on getting a bucket and brush for Smudge when she gets older.