Sunday, February 02, 2014

PD Day - Part II

When it was time to leave the ice rink, we packed up the skates and headed for the car.  There was a huge pile of snow at one end of the parking lot next to the rink, and it called the kid's names.  We let them go to it, and they had a blast climbing the hill and bum-sliding down.
They really had to work to get to the top of it
And loved the view from up there.
What fun to bum-slide down...
...and then climb to the top again and do it all over again.  Up down, up down, up down.....
Lots of smiles at the bottom
Lots of smiles while sliding down too.
King of the castle
When they got tired of sliding down and climbing back up, they walked along the top of the snow pile.  It was huge.

Then were back to climbing and sliding again. 
After a quick stop at home for dry clothes, it was off to Tim`s for hot chocolate.  Danica has to check out a few tunes while waiting for her drink. 

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