Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Birthday fun

Yesterday was JJ's 5th birthday, so we had a little celebration before he got on the bus in the morning.  The kids  love to sing HB and blow out candles, so that's what we did....a number of times.
Oh dear, I didn't have a proper candle, so I wrote 5 on this candle, and put it in a granola bar.  Worked just fine.
Then we had a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit.
Soon it was time to head over to the bus stop, but that wasn't the end of our celebrations.  We sent the munchkins off  to school, but didn't tell them that we would be picking them up at lunchtime for a BD surprise lunch.  JJ got to pick the place for lunch, and....McDonald's it was.
I was surprised to discover that their coffee wasn't bad, so I enjoyed a cup while the kids munched on chicken and fries.
After lunch, Buppa and JJ played a rousing game of hockey with paper pucks, and cardboard sticks. 
Here we see the sticks and extra pucks sitting off to the side while JJ tries to score by flicking the puck with his finger.  Buppa is dutifully tending goal with the aid of the toy that came with the meal.
Danica sat with me and did the puzzles on the paper placemat.
Buppa and JJ changed the hockey game to basketball, and JJ's mouth was the net.  Sheesh, what a pair.  JJ sat there with his mouth open, and Buppa tried to flick the paper balls into it.  He scored more than he missed.  Danica thought it looked like fun, so she asked to be a net too.
Yep, makes a pretty good net.
Then it was time to team up.  By this time I was in gales of laughter.
Makes me laugh every time I see this pic!  Hope it brings a smile to you too.

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