Saturday, February 01, 2014

PD Day

The alarm clock rang earlier than normal on Friday morning so we could be up and out of the house by 8am.  Yawn! Not the usual routine for us, but we had promised to watch the kids that day, as school was cancelled for a Professional Development Day for the teachers.  Seeing as we had both kids for the whole day, we thought it would be easier if we went to their house, instead of them coming here. 
They were both up when we arrived, but were enjoying a more relaxing start to the day for them.  After breakfast, we told them there would be different rules for PD day, and they were allowed to play on their tablets before they got dressed. 
They were thrilled, and so were we.  That meant that we could have a second cup of coffee and relax while they played quietly.  Yahoo!  We all had a relaxing morning indoors, but by 11 am it was time to get dressed and get the show on the road.  I packed some bags, then we all bundled up and headed for an outdoor rink.  AC and I didn't skate as we are still fighting back injuries from the car accident last fall, and we were nervous about falling and adding to our troubles, so we kept boots on but the kids donned their skates, and gave the rink a whirl.  Total fun.
JJ has had lots of practice at hockey this year, so he was sure footed and zipped around the ice like an old pro.
Danica has only been on skates a few times, so she was more tentative and needed Buppa's help to keep her balance at first. 
JJ stayed close for his first few turns around the rink, but was soon off and zipping around like the wind on his own.

When it was almost time to head for home, Danica decided that this was an easier way to get around the rink
It was a fun way to make some memories with the munchkins.  Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow...

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