Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday's Walk to the Park

After a snowy surprise on Tuesday morning, Wednesday dawned sunny and bright. Seemed like a beautiful day, so after nap-time we bundled the kids into the wagon and set off for the park to soak up some sunshine and get some exercise.
Looks like a beautiful day doesn't it? Wrong! The wind was blowing at gale force at the park, and had a bitter bite to it. The kids spent a little bit of time on the swings, but it was too cold and blowy to stay for long. So we soon set off for home...
and enjoyed a snack on the protected side deck at home. Ahh, that's much better.

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Bernie said...

The wind here is brutal as well cuppa, in fact we had snow flurries this morning. Kids are sweeti as always......:-) Hugs