Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Early morning activities

We are now back in the groove after the Christmas break, and the kids come early in the morning to await the school bus.  We only have half an hour to wait, but it is best to keep them busy, so I have pens, paper, crayons and activity books at the ready each day.  I even join them some mornings. 
Busy at work
A favorite book is one my kids got about 30 years ago from a Scholastic book order at school.  It gives step by step instructions on how to draw simple things, and here we see Danica giving it a whirl.

JJ is trying to pick the perfect colour for his drawing.  The 3D glasses don't help much, but he thought they were cool.  Over the past week or so, JJ has drawn almost all the bugs and animals in the book.  Way to go JJ!

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