Friday, January 01, 2016

Pre-Christmas activities

Monday morning rolled around bright and early, and the alarm clock had to get me up in time to meet the kids at the door for a fill day of babysitting.  I have learned that the best way to make the day run smoothly is to keep the kids busy, and always be one step ahead of them, so lots of planning went into getting things ready for the three day adventure.
First of all, we needed a good nutritious breakfast.   Cereal, toast, fruit and milk all around.  JJ loves Wheatabix, but he likes to eat them dry.  I think he had three biscuits on this morning.  Yes, some days he has a hollow leg and you can't fill him up.  He doesn't like sweet things though, so he usually fills up on cereal or granola bars.  We enjoyed a rousing game of Quiz Kids while we got ready for the rest of the day.  
After breakfast it was time for our first craft.  I had everything set out for the little fingers, and they went to town decorating
I have these tables set up in the basement, and the light isn't that great down stairs, but my little table lamp lit up our craft space just fine. When working with paint, glue and sparkle dust, I like to keep the mess in the basement.  Dani is doing a masterful job on her wreath.
JJ added coloured markers to his creations
After lunch is was quiet rest time.  Not because the kids needed a rest, but because I did.  They played quietly on their tablets while Buppa and I snoozed.
Then it was back to the craft table for another craft.
OK, that was day one in the bag.  Time to prepare for day 2.

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