Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Day Three

Day three of babysitting, and I am almost out of craft ideas.  Thank goodness this is the last day.  
Once the sparkle dust was thickly layered onto the picture frame for Daddy, we had lots of sparkle dust left over
The frame was put aside to dry, and the dish of sparkle dust was stirred....hmmm, what to do with all this glorious sparkle.
We soon found something.
Finished product.  Pretty huh?
One afternoon we moved up to the kitchen for some cookie decorating.  Some beautiful cookies resulted, and they went home with the kids at the end of the day. 
After the crafts were all done, and the kitchen cleaned up we munched on some lunch, and then went to Open Skate at the local arena.  And so ended our babysitting gig.   I need a nap!

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Andrea said...

I'll bet you were exhausted! I'm tired just reading about it.