Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Party

OK, this is the last of the BD celebration pics. I know I have posted quite a few of them, but family in other cities couldn't be here, so I had to post all these pics to include them in the festivities.

Buppa got a new Grandpa mug from Smudge and Jboy so both of them had to try it out.
I don't think Jboy is impressed with it at all.
Well, maybe he is.
Oh, I think he sees the cake and lit candles coming his way.
Here he is wondering what in the world Amma is singing.
Happy Birthday to Buppa
Smudge is getting right into the action, but Jboy looks a tad puzzled.
I don't know what tickled Smudge here, but she is having quite a chuckle about something. Cute huh?


Jinksy said...

Don't apologise- your pics are always worth seeing, even from a stranger's point of view!

Bernie said...

Love seeing your pictures, your grandchildren are beautiful and your family looks so happy.... post all your birthday pictures, they bring us much joy....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Jinksy - Thanks! Glad you enjoy them too.

Bernie - OK, nice to hear you feel the joy too. We had Smudge for two sleepovers this weekend and took a kazillion pics. Soooooo, a kazillion pics will be posted next week. I am a bit bleary eyed after two sleepovers so I must go take a nap now. ZZZZZZZZ!