Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rainy Day Activity

It was a rainy day, so we thought it would be a perfect time for a trip to the library and then the indoor play park.
Jboy was not quite sure what he thought of the library, but his sister had lots of fun running around there. She was full of beans and wouldn't sit still to look a book so we packed her up and took her to the indoor play park.
Her feet rarely stopped moving the whole time we were there.
In and out of the climbing tubes she scampered...
up and down and up and down the slide she went.
Kerplop into the bin of balls she jumped over and over and over again.
Then she found the work bench and spent a lot of time there...
playing with the tools. She is going to be Daddy's little helper when she gets a bit older. Get ready daddy!
I guess it isn't any wonder that she fell asleep just minutes after we got in the car for the ride home.
It was a busy day for the little munchkins. Mommy said Jboy fell asleep in the car too. Yes, it was the perfect way to spend a rainy day.


Bernie said...

Oh Cuppa I love this post seeing your beautiful grandchildren, if there is a better way to spend a day I don't know what it would be.
Have many more wonderful days watching your grandchilren playing and it!
Many hugs my friend....:-)

Cuppa said...

Bernie - you are right. There aren't many better ways to spend a day. Grandchildren are such a treat.