Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mowgli strikes again

We took Smudge to the park behind our house the other day and thought she had forgotten all about Mowgli and climbing trees. She seemed quite happy to swing...
and swing...
and swing.
Then take a break and go for a slide or two.
Some bigger kids came over and started to shoot baskets in the area right beside the play equipment, and Smudge wanted to join the game too. They threw the ball to her a couple of times, then Buppa distracted her so the bigger kids could get on with their game.
Oh, oh! She saw this tree right beside the basketball area and....Mowgli reappeared.
She and the Bupps had to visit all the surrounding trees and play Mowgli and Bagheera again.
Buppa is VERY patient with this little one.

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Bernie said...

A Day In The it! Oh I only wish other grandparents had access to their grandchildren as you and A/C do. A grandparents love is not only special but a gift. Have a great day....:-) Hugs