Friday, September 04, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Sept 09 cont'd

We got inside McDonald's and Smudge's feet didn't stop moving. She danced around Buppa while he was waiting to place his order..
and her little feet kept hoping and skipping and dancing the whole time we waited for our food.
She sat still long enough to have a few fries and some apple juice...
but was soon wiping her face...
and fingers, and was just itching to get down and move about again.
Seeing as McDonald's is inside Walmart, we headed to the toy aisle to get her a treat for Buppa's BD.
She got a bag of plastic food to play with at our house and dutifully carried it through the store while Buppa..
browsed in the audio video department.
What a sweetie. More pics of the party still to come.

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Bernie said...

What a sweetie, and I love how she gets a special treat for Grampa's birthday....have a great weekend my friend.....:-) Hugs