Thursday, September 03, 2009

Birthday Celebrations Sept 09

When we asked AC what he would like to do on his BD he said that as part of his celebration he wanted to take Smudge out for a BD lunch at McDonald's. Her favorite place. So, yesterday we picked her up and Mommy had her all ready in a pretty dress for lunch with Buppa. She is always excited to come for a ride with us. She loves to look out the window and point out all the points of interest as we pass by. Truck, wheels, Tim's, Ice cream, motorcycle, bus - she squeals from the back seat.
In honour of Buppa's BD she even smiled for the camera.
Then it was back to gazing out the window
I think I caught the look of excited anticipation as we pulled in to the McDonald's parking lot.
She was quite happy to march along spritley beside Buppa. Arms swinging, feet high-stepping, chittering and chattering all the way. What a delight she is. I think AC made a good choice for his BD lunch.
What better way to brighten a day than with this little one. More pics to come tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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