Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sleepover fun with Danica

It was Danica's turn for a sleepover, so she came over around 4pm last weekend, and got to choose any supper she wanted. It was still cool outside, but the local chip truck opened this week, and she chose to go there for a pogo-stick and onion rings. 
The onion rings were really good, but you couldn't get me to eat a pogo stick unless I was starving. Dani enjoyed it though. 
After dinner, we came back to the house and watched a video together.  Then it was time for a story with Buppa before bedtime.
A James Herriot story with Ruth Brown illustrations was the pick of the day.
Next morning she got us up rather early, so we tried to convince her to play on her tablet while we got a few more ZZZZ's.  That only lasted for about 10 minutes, so we soon got up,  made coffee and got busy with the rest of our day,.

It was a nice sunny day, so we went out for a walk around the block before lunch. Danica met a friend from school along the way, and she joined us for a walk.

Good friends.
Before taking her back home, we stopped at Tim's for lunch.   She thought it was great fun to model Buppa's hat.
Cute huh?
What a rascal.

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Andrea said...

The hat looks great on her. She should definitely get one in her own size. :)