Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Opening presents

After dinner at Boston Pizza, we headed home to open presents. 
Dani was all smiles...
...but little brother was not a happy camper.
He wanted a present too, and felt rather left out. He dried his tears when I told him that we brought him a present too, but his lip began to quiver when he discovered that it was only a book and not a toy.
His face crumpled into tears again as he hugged his book. Oh dear, I think the boy was over tired, and nothing was helping at this point.
Dani opened her gifts...
while Daddy comforted JJ.
We didn't know what the girl needed for this BD, so we gave her a bag of books.  She seemed thrilled with it.
The bead kits from Auntie Krista were a big hit too.
She intently read each card.
By the look on her face, I think the Ken doll from Mommy and Daddy was a big hit.
Yes, she does seem a tad excited.

She was going to have a sleepover party on the weekend with three of her best friends from school, so she got a new pair of PJ's for the big event.  Cute huh?
Happy Sixth Birthday Danilouwho!

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Hilary said...

Aww it's tough being the younger sibling. Cute photos.. one and all.