Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Making do

With all the melting snow on the streets and in the school playground, it is hard for Danica to keep her feet dry these days.  She comes home with sopping wet boots and snow pants most days, and I have sent her home with plastic bags on her feet many a time during the past month.

The other day though, it was mild and sunny, and she wanted to go outside and play with the other kids.  She came into the house and put dry clothes on, but her boots were beyond wet, and I didn't have any dry ones for her to change into.  So....I did the best I could, and found an old pair of my running shoes for her to wear outside.  Even though they were much to big on her, she was happy as a clam to wear them, and was even able to run and skip and jump in them without tripping over her own feet.  They did look like clown shoes though,  because they were so big on her.  I just had to run out with my camera.

I think she had to pull a clown face to go with her clown shoes.

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