Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Express yourself...

We have had major computer problems at our house, but we are finally up and running again after a hard-drive crash and burn.  Groan!  Eric managed to save all our files, so after a week of installing new hard drives and moving files around, we are almost there.  Sheesh, what a week.

Danica was invited to a Princess Birthday party on the weekend, and was asked to attend dressed as a princess.  She didn't mind that at all.  Mommy had purchased a few costumes on sale last year, so she had just the outfit in the cupboard ready for just such an occasion.

After the party, Danica and Daddy came to our house to work on the computer.   While Daddy was busy in the den, Danica put on some music in the living room, and got into the spirit of the dance.  She whirled and twirled with great enthusiasm and delight, allowing her inner princess to fly.

If you have a chance to "sit it out or dance" today...I hope you dance.

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