Thursday, December 17, 2009

Say Cheese!

We picked Smudge up from Daycare yesterday and she was one happy camper when she saw us. She skipped and danced all the way down the hall and was ready to head straight out the door to Buppa's car when I corralled her in the foyer to get a picture in front of the tree there. She sure didn't want to stand still for a pic though. The rascal!
We took her to the Dollar Store to do a bit of shopping before heading home, and she was quite happy about that. Running, bouncing, gabbing, gabbing, gabbing every step of the way. Right across the parking l0t from the Dollar Store lot she saw the Walmart sign and asked for French Fries. We couldn't resist taking her in for a treat so we made tracks for MacDonald's. Her eyes were sparkling and she was chattering a mile a minute as we walked into the store. What a little ray of sunshine she is on a snowy day in December.


Bernie said...

So cute and those fries sound delicious......:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie- I must admit I had one or two and they were delicious. Yum!

Lorna said...

dollar stores are so amazing for kids---it's so funny to me that they're attracted to the aisles with the screwdrivers and the plastic sandwich boxes as much as the one with all the beads and baubles.