Monday, December 07, 2009

Jessa's gift

When Buppa and I first took Smudge to the library we would spend most of our time corralling Smudge away from bothering other kids and getting into trouble. This last visit however things took a dramatic turn. Buppa and I sat and relaxed while a little girl named Jessa took Smudge in hand and showed her a fun new game to play. Smudge followed along gladly.
They marched smartly down to the toy box and each came back with armloads of stuffed animals and dolls...
to place in the Ikea play chair. This trek was repeated over and over again, until the toy boy was empty and the chair full.
Once the chair was full they closed the front cover and gave it a spin. What fun!
When they tired of that, Jessa found a book to read and Smudge looked on quietly.
Buppa and I had the most relaxing time while Smudge enjoyed playing with her new friend. When Jessa's auntie came to pick her up I mentioned to her what a nice little girl Jessa was and how kind she was to take Smudge under her wing and play with her. Jessa's auntie informed me that Jessa had seven brothers and sisters at home so she was used to being a little mother to younger children. Jessa's friendship and sweet way with Smudge was a gift to us that day. I hope we meet her again on our next visit to the library because she was a joy to be around. Thanks Jessa.


Bernie said...

Isn't it wonderful how children make friends and play so easily together, smudge is so cute following her new friend...Good for Jessa, a real little blessing wasn't she.....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Yes Jessa was. Smudge is such a friendly little girl and sometimes kids push her away instead of playing with her. It was so nice to see Jessa being so nice with her. Sure warmed this grandma's heart.