Friday, December 04, 2009

A few early presents

Once the tree was up it was time to open some presents. I think Auntie Althegal really liked the mitts that she got from Smudge and Jboy.

A Batman radio? How cool is that?
Amma got an early present too. My head looks like a pea on a drum in this pic doesn't it? Makes me laugh every time I see it.
Smudge and I saw this at the store last month and we both fell in love with it. We stayed in that one spot and watched it go round and round while Mommy and Jboy shopped. Neither of us wanted to leave. Mommy told Buppa how much we loved it, so he asked Mommy to go back and get it for us. Smudge and I will enjoy it all season.
The carousel lights up and plays music while the horses, polar bears, lions, and reindeer go round and round and up and down. What a magical gift.

The music can be turned off completely, and the lights can be set to three modes; steady- the mode you see here, or flashing or synchronized to the music.


Jinksy said...

Why should toys only be for children? :)

Bernie said...

I love the carousel, it is so beautiful. No wonder you and smudge watched it so long and how wonderful is A/C to purchase it for you....more memories cuppa, great post.....:-) Hugs