Thursday, December 31, 2009

Misc Christmas Eve Pics

We sure missed the A-Team and Grandmama this year. We took lots of pics to include them in the festivities though. Enjoy! Dad and D1 taking time for a hug before we sit down to eat.
Mom needs a hug from D1 too.
Everyone is getting into the act.
My Christmas baby really enjoys this season.
Mom and D1 taking up the same pose. It is quite a job to get dinner on the table. Maybe pizza WOULD be a good idea. Hmmmm?
Jboy and Amma sharing a moment.
He is starting to wave at people now, but of course wouldn't perform for the camera.
Story time with Smudge...
Then an after dinner walk with Jboy.
Cute huh?
He can walk on his own, but prefers to have a hand to hold onto. I don't mind lending mine at all!


Bernie said...

Great photo's....The A Team and Grandmama were with you in spirit I am sure......:-) Hugs

Kathy Trejo said...

ahhh sweet photos Cuppa! Happy New Years to you and Family (((Lot_of_Hugs)))