Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009 - Part 1

Oh my, I sure do have a lot of pics to wade through. Hang in there with me.

Buppa and Amma slept over at the kid's place Christmas Eve so we were there first thing in the morning. The munchkins were quite excited to find us in the guest room bright and early. Buppa and Jboy have a chat...
while sister looks on. She is busy eating her cheerios. I am sure they are wondering what in the world is going on.
Smudge is not a bit worried about her bed-head this morning. It is pretty wild isn't it? She's just happy to see Amma and Buppa.
Jboy has his morning bottle...
then it is time to open the stockings. Smudge still seems a bit awed by the whole morning.
Daddy has to help Jboy with his, but Smudge is making an attempt to get her own open. I think Santa needs to use less tape next year!
Here Smudge is quite captivated with a new cup that has water filled with sparkles trapped between two layers of plastic. She can see the water, but the glass is empty when she tries to drink from it. This kept her going for quite a while.
Jboy is puzzled with his new toy too.

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