Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009 - Part 2

Smudge works away at the gifts in her stocking and her little fingers finally work their way under the tape to see what's inside the wrapping paper.
Oh joy, an etchesketch. At least I think that is what it is called. She can write on this tiny slate with a special pencil then move a lever to erase the marks and give her a fresh clean surface to write on. She thought this was grand.
As the morning wore on, both kids still seemed a bit puzzled by the events. I think Smudge is asking Daddy who he said put the gifts in her stocking...
and Jboy seems quite unfazed by the whole thing.
Amma knew exactly what was going on though, and had lots of fun opening her stocking. She got a new journal,
and a pretty scarf. You can't see them here, but it has lots of silver threads in it. Gotta love that sparkle!
After the stockings were opened, it was time to make a fresh post of coffee, give Jboy the second half of his breakfast
check out some Christmas music on the computer then head downstairs to see what Santa left under the tree down there.
Ok, that's it for round one. Stay tuned for round two coming your way soon.

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Bernie said...

The kids are so special, and I love the expressions on their face. Loved your stocking gifts... Santa was good to you.....:-) Hugs