Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Holiday - Part II

You are more than welcome to join me for Parts II through IV of my Winter Holiday blogs, but I warn you they might be VERY boring for anyone but family members. I am posting these mainly for the kids in Vancouver and Korea, and even those here at home, who love Riverwood as much as I do, and miss walking these familiar paths. I thought I would take them along on the walk with me,

I am standing at the river's edge at Bridgesward. Poison Fen is to my right, and the Old Bridge is off to the left.
From here we tramped over to the Old Logging Road,
and spent time taking lots of pictures there and on the Riverside Loop Trail.

Do you recognize this tree? Rudolph is close by!
Snow was thick on the trees,
and traffic had been thick on the river.
Another day we set off down to the Swimming Hole and I had to visit the Friendship Bench.
I was quite comfy on my cushion of snow, but it was a tad cold!
Time to move on again and head back to the farmhouse.
Whew, I need to relax after that long trek.


Lorna said...

Looking good---your outfit enhances nature. I'm sure that's why you chose it.

Cuppa said...

Lorna - Of course!