Thursday, January 14, 2010

It takes a certain flair...

Some hats take a certain kind of flair and lots of self confidence to wear. I think Jboy has lots of both.
He doesn't just wear this headgear long enough for us to get a picture. He puts it on himself and keeps it on for quite a while.
What a kid.
Well that's it for pictures for a while. We are heading up to Riverwood for a few days and we don't have a good internet connection up there, so I won't be posting anything until we get home. Talk to you all again next week.


Bernie said...

Jboy is so precious cuppa, can't help but fall in love with him. Enjoy your break, hope you have beautiful weather and I look forward to the photos you and A/C will take I'm sure......:-) Hugs

Mary said...

WOAH! Those are some cute pics, Cuppa!

Miss all of you so much

luna pie said...

TOO CUTE!!! I really can't wait to see this little munchkin again, and hopefully have a play date with him and Jinu!

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Thanks. We did have a nice break, and we are now home and catching up on things. Hope to get some pics up soon.

Mary - Miss you guys too. Hope to have some pics of RW for you to enjoy soon.

Luna P - Wouldn't that be fun. I am sure they would be great playmates. Let's set a date for when you come home for a visit.