Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009 - Part 3

In order to keep Jboy contained in the family room, we have pushed this chair and couch together at one end of the room, and have a collapsible gate in front of the tree and fireplace at the other end. Smudge has no trouble getting past the barrier, but it does the trick for Jboy. Keeps him out of trouble and we are able to relax a bit.
Santa brought a sleigh for them and it looks like it is a perfect fit.
Daddy is going to have to put a extra screw in the railing though. Smudge discovered that she could lift it up, and lift it up she did!
Lots of snow is called for next week, so I think this will get lots of use.

Smudge got an Abbycadabby wand and had lots of fun with it.

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Bernie said...

Everyone looks so happy, gotta love the look on Jboy's face....priceless.....:-) Hugs