Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleepover fun

The munchkin came for a sleepover the other day, and she keeps us busy and entertained the whole time she is here. Goodness she makes me smile.

Here she is helping Buppa make dinner. What a helper she is!
She did a very good job beating the eggs, but it was such hard work...
that she had to munch on some cheese to keep her energy up.
After dinner it was time to be a Ballerina. I bought her a little net Ballerina skirt, but she wanted nothing to do with it. She wanted her Elf hat, her housecoat and an old pink sparkly cape of Amma's. Here she is giving Buppa a fashion show.
Then she spun and danced and twirled and swirled around the room.
My goodness she makes me smile.
Hope she brings you another smile this morning too.


Jinksy said...

A fashionista in the making! LOL :)

Anvilcloud said...

Nope. I never smile over her. ;)

Bernie said...

What a little doll....:-) Hugs

Mary said...

OH-MY-GOSH! She is hilarious. What a cutie.

Cuppa said...

Jinksy - She is on her way that is for sure.

AC - Nope, never!

Bernie - I agree.

Mary - Yes, hilarious indeed!