Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Walk with Friends

This past weekend we met blog friends, Lorna and Dave, for a winter walk in their neighbourhood. Even though they live in the centre of downtown Ottawa, the setting ar0und their condo is park-like and beautiful.
It was a bright sunny day, but the temps were cold, cold, cold and the wind was bitter, so we had to really bundle up to keep warm. We did, and it was an enjoyable winter walk.
How neat that their neighbourhood is within walking distance of Parliament Hill. In minutes we were on the Hill, and on a whim went inside to see if we could go up to the observation deck in the Peace Tower.
After a short stop for a security check we were inside and waiting a turn in the elevator to take us to the top of the tower.

We were soon in the observation deck, and AC took this pic of the rest of us checking out the view. Here we are looking north across the river towards Quebec.
This is a view looking east, down at the East Block and just past it is the Chateau Laurier. My goodness these old buildings are beautiful.
There were windows in the ceiling too, so I was able to take this picture of a close-up view of some of the intricate old stonework on the Centre Block
You can't see it too clearly in this picture of the inside of the observation deck, but the ceiling was all gold and sparkly and the windows - high, low and in between - framed the scenery beautifully.
What a warm and wonderful way to spend a cold winter afternoon. AC has posted more pics here.


Bernie said...

Great photos Cuppa, Ottawa is so beautiful but expensive.....Hugs

Teena in Toronto said...

Lorna told me to stop by!

Did you check out the kitties?