Friday, January 29, 2010

More Sleepover fun

We were up fairly early in the morning, and just like Amma, Smudge wanted her cup of coffee first thing. Before we came down to the kitchen though, Smudge found another Elf hat in the Christmas decoration drawer, and decided she had to wear it to add a bit of flair to her morning outfit.
Mmmm, the first morning cuppa is good to the last drop.
I couldn't resist taking this pic of her sitting quietly at the kitchen table, sipping her "cup of tea" or "hot coffee" and munching on dry cheerios. She looked so cute in her elf hat, with her little feet dangling off the big kitchen chair.
What a cutie. She asked me to join her for a "cuppa", but...
she insisted I wear the other Elf hat. What fun!
This little Elf sure does make me smilel.
After breakfast she wanted to help Amma with the dishes.
What a busy, busy, busy, little Elf she was that morning.


Bernie said...

I think this little one would brighten the start of anyone's day cuppa........:-) Hugs

Mary said...

That is too cute. Thanks for making me smile this morning!

Anonymous said...

She is so precious. Kiddos can be so uninhibited that it is a miracle just to watch them.

Cuppa said...

Bernie - She does bring sunshine into the house in the mornings when she is here for a sleepover.

Mary - You are more than welcome for your morning smile.

QMMM - That's is exactly.