Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year's Day

We spent a quiet evening at the kid's place babysitting on New Year's Eve, and because of the snowy conditions and the lateness of the hour, we stayed for a sleepover. After a relaxing start to the day,
everybody in the house got busy. Daddy went out to shovel snow, Amma, Jboy and Mommy stayed inside to take down decorations.
Jboy kept a close eye on Daddy while he worked away at clearing the deck of snow.
Buppa took Smudge out for a ride in her new sleigh.
They were at it quite a while, so I think they both enjoyed their New Year's Day walk in the snow.

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Bernie said...

I am sure your daughter appreciates all that you do and love to do to help her out. You have a wonderful family....:-) Hugs