Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Holiday Part III

The Playner Mill as seen through the trees near the hammock.
On this outing we started in the backyard at the hammock, and walked counter clockwise along Perimeter Path then cut across Fourpaw Pasture to the south boundary line. The pic be;pw is looking back at our tracks across Fourpaw Pasture.
Ah, blue skies at last.
We tried to get into the south woods at a few points, but there were too many downed trees for us to get very deep.
We kept to the edge of the woods,
and made our way to the Southwood Trail again.
I like these views of Southwood Trail. On the right we have the trail and on the left is the river.

Once again we were tempted to venture out onto the river ice, but knew it wouldn't be safe after all the mild temps...
so we stayed on the forest paths.
From Sandman Bluff we can see the Playner Mill, the Old Barn and even the Farmhouse off in the distance...
or look down in the other direction and see the Friendship Bench beside the Swimming Hole.
We walked to the other side of the Playner Mill, and the whole time I could hear faint echoes of the music and laughter we experienced the day of the A-Team's wedding. It was a magical day indeed.
We then ventured into Poison Fen
and took another pic of the river from the entrance near the Old Ent standing at the water's edge there.

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