Friday, January 08, 2010

Nap Time???

When Smudge comes to visit she sleeps in the crib at night, but has her afternoon nap on the big bed. Here she is with her blankets and favorite animals all ready for her nap. Doesn't look very sleepy though huh?
Nope, she wasn't. The afternoon nap is often hit and miss. She fights it, but gets rather tired and cranky by dinner time if she doesn't have at least half an hour.

Amma sure feels better when Smudge has a little bit of a nap ZZZZZZZZZ Funny how that works huh?


Rondell said...

Just give her a little sip of bourbon. That should do the trick.

Bernie said...

Naps always works for me but one of my first memories is resisting my mother's attempt at making me have a nap.......:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

Tell AC to take Rondell's advice.