Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Holiday

We had a great time on our Winter Holiday at Riverwood last week in spite of the freezing rain that delayed our trip at first. This is the old farmhouse as seen from the gate at the road and the sight of it always makes my heart skip for joy. As you can see we had plenty of snow waiting for us and more fell during the week too.
The skies were dull and cloudy on the day we arrived, but the scene was beautiful nonetheless.
It was made even prettier by a fresh snowfall during the week.

The back yard as seen from the side door was a gift for the eyes each morning. The picnic table is almost buried in snow and has a nice snow cap on top too. The snow was perfect for snowshoeing, and we did a lot of that along wooded trails each day.
We did have a near disaster when we arrived though. AC and I arrived first and discovered that the furnace wasn't working properly and apparently hadn't been on for a number of days. As a result the pipes were frozen and near to bursting. The owners arrived soon after we did and soon had the furnace working and the house thawing out. While we waited for the premises to heat up, we tried to warm up by the oven. Luckily we arrived just in time and everything thawed out by bedtime. How miraculous that nothing burst.
We toasted toes and fingers by the oven instead of marshmallows by the fire and we made a happy memory while doing so.
For the rest of the week the old farmhouse was warm and toasty and we enjoyed indoor and outdoor activities. Here we See Elu helping Brian with a crossword puzzle.

Then it was time for Heather and AC to check email before we looked at pics of the China trip.
The guys do most of the cooking at the farm and the gals think that is just fine. Here we see Brian fixing a delicious breakfast for the gang. Yum!
Later that day the bowls of popcorn were prepared, the computer screen set up and then we all settled in for a slide-show or two. We had matinee and late night showing, and in between...
we made time to get out and snowshoe. Here I am with Brian down at the Swimming Hole. A little too frosty to go for a dip though.
We set off down Southwood Trail,
and then doubled back to finish our walk along the Old Logging Road.
We veered off the trail and climbed Pine Fort Hill, then trekked back to the farmhouse for another slide show and more stories about the trip.
It was a cold and snowy winter vacation, but a heartwarming visit. MMMM, what a perfect combination!

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