Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun on the Wii Fit

Mommy got a Wii Fit game for her birthday, but the whole family gets to enjoy it over the holidays. What fun! Here we see Daddy setting it up and figuring out how to work it, and Smudge is his ever present little helper. In order to make things easier, Daddy is on the actual Wii Fit pad, and Smudge is standing on a box lid and is holding an unplugged control wand. Yes, that made things much easier.
Amma patiently awaits her turn to dodge snowballs, and maybe even throw a few.
First of all it is Smudge's turn on the real pad...
then Amma gets her turn. I got slaughtered with snowballs and hardly hit anything with the ones I threw.
It was fun, but I was a snowy mess at the end of my turn. I think Smudge did a better job than I did. It really was a work-out for the old legs trying to dodge back and forth behind the shield while trying to aim and throw at the same time.


Bernie said...

Cuppa I have heard and read so much about this program....does it really make for a good work out? Love the photo's and I think jinsky is never take a bad picture.......:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Hi, - first of all, hope you are feeling better.

We were all just having fun on the Wii Fit, but from the short time I spent on it, I think you could get a good work-out on it. I could sure feel the muscles on my inner thighs working as I tried to keep my balance and manoeuver through the game. It worked the core muscle group too.

Thanks for the compliment, but the trick is to trash the bad pictures before they ever get near the blog!