Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dragon Ball 2015 - Day 1 cont'd

Once the car was unpacked, which was a major job, we all settled in for the weekend 
When we arrived at the farm we were surprised to see that Ben and Mary were already there.  So we had to sit down for a wee visit to catch up on all their news before setting up our tents.
Farmer Tuck was happily working in the laundry room testing the new dryer, but stopped long enough for me to take a picture.
JJ and Jyn got reacquainted
Danica stretched out on the bed after the long car ride
Soon it was time to set up the tents.  Thank goodness Ben and Mary were there to help with that task.
JJ and Jyn kept the bad guys away while we worked on the tents.
The work crew after one tent was up

I couldn't find Heather in the house, so I went looking for her, and finally found her in the shed making dragon eggs.  Danica offered to help, and Heather gladly accepted the offer.
It was hotter than blazes in the shed, but Heather and Dani worked away at building up the layers of paper and glue on the balloons.  Once the paper/glue mixture was dry, the eggs were painted, and would be hidden around the grounds for the dragon egg hunt to held on the weekend. 

What an amazing amount of planning and work Heather put into this Dragon Ball themed, cousins reunion weekend.

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